Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yaku @ The Podium

@ mirandablue
Tazukuri - sweet and spicy fried dilis
U and I were at The Podium one Sunday night and we noticed Yaku, a Japanese grill on level 3.  We haven't eaten here before so we decided to try them out.

While waiting for our order, we were served tazukuri for appetizer.  I love tazukuri--I even asked for another serving to take home, and it was on the house.:p We had a heavy late afternoon snack and not really hungry. We  had Gyuniko no Yasaimaki and Spicy Shake Maki.  Gyuniko no Yasaimaki is a yakimono dish--the beef was grilled, not raw.  These were great with beer.:p

@ mirandablue
Spicy Shake Maki - Salmon with spices, herbs & mayo

@ mirandablue
Gyuniko no Yasaimaki - Spring onions wrapped in beef,
with yakitori sauce

Sorry for the blurry photos--I was using my cel phone camera.

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maiylah said...

i haven't tried that beef dish, yet. you're making me crave for Japanese food! lol...
...they serve those tazukuri as appetizers? yummmm...good idea about asking for another serving to take home... :)

SunnyToast said...

Now I;m hankering for maki!grh

Your new follower hope you follow back:)

agent112778 said...

i want to try the last one yung beef and spring onions

heres my Food Friday Entry

Cheerful said...

looks really delicious and you made me crave for some japanese foods now...anyway, wishing you a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Those spring onions wrapped in beef look so good! Mmmm..Nagugutom na ko!

Thanks so much for dropping by Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews!♥

Kim, USA said...

Oh my goodness this dish looks good. Hubby would definitely drool when he says this he loves anything Japanese dish. The first photo is the "bulinao" or anchovies? I missed that dish. And the last photo haven't seen that here in our favorite Japanese resto. ^_^

Heather S-G said...

Yum, they do sound great with beer. Lovely meal =)