Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crispy Pata

@ mirandablue
Once in a while, I indulge in this artery-clogging delicacy especially in the company of non-Filipino friends who want to try Crispy Pata.  Aside from the deliciously sinful and crispy pork skin, this dish usually relies on the dipping sauce for most of its flavor.  The dipping sauce is a cocktail of vinegar, soy sauce, onions, garlic and chili peppers. This was our tasty appetizer at Golden Cowrie along Salinas Drive in Cebu. 

For non-Filipinos, Crispy Pata is deep-fried pork leg.

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Madz said...

You can never go wrong with crispy pata! I always eat it whenever it's available but I try to control myself not to eat too much. Yummy!

maiylah said... has been ages since i had one...i should eat crispy pata again! :P

Happy Holidays, LM! ♥

Unknown said...

agree ^_^ on the dip esp more spicier.

bigla ko naalala un pinalambutan kong pata sa ref, ahehe

Anonymous said...

ayihhh! cholesterol tlg:)))

merry christmas po.

Unknown said...

Your pics sure make it look tantalizing!

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

Steak yung isa, ito naman Crispy Pata, puro Anti-high blood ah, konting antay lang, high blood ka na, lol!
Merry Christmas!!!

Momgen said...

I am almost full of food to see. Happy FTF!

Merry Christmas

Dhemz said...

oh my golly! so yummy...been a long time na din akong d nakakatikim nyan!