Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Midweek Blues: Window cleaners

@ mirandablue

I was having coffee in the pantry one afternoon when I noticed the window cleaners on the next tower.  It was a little breezy and their platforms were swaying.  I had a tingling sensation at the bottom of my feet!

@ mirandablue

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Jim said...

That would be a scary job for me, Luna. I am glad you spotted those guys and posted your pictures so we could see too. Thank you,

Carletta said...

That would not be a job I would want and I don't think I could have watched them either. :)
Looks like their blue tarps were draped to keep off some of the wind.
Nice blue find!

Carletta@Round The Bend

Kerry said...

I have fear of heights so I am really terrified by this! What a terrible terrible job.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! You'll never see me up there!!

Gemma Wiseman said...

That is one job I could never do! Amazing shots!

Dianne said...

amazing captures!
makes me dizzy
they work so hard

Heather said...

Oh, it's so difficult for me to watch people working high up on anything. My husband, doesn't do well with wiggly heights, is a construction worker and surely wouldn't want to see him doing his job when it's up high.

Isn't it wonderful, though, that there are some who have no fear at all?! Super find for blue :)

Anonymous said...

So by the time they get to the bottom, it's time to go back to the top and start again? That's some nice blue. I don't know if I could step out there, but I bet you could get some great photos from that vantage!

Jeannette StG said...

Rather him than me! Makes for great captures though:)

Suburban Girl said...

Pretty cool photos. I like that there are blue tarps AND he is wearing a color coordinated uniform.