Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lunch on board [Food Friday]

@ mirandablue
This was the lunch prepared for us by our guide in Busuanga---fresh mango, tomatoes and cucumber, grilled fish and steamed crabs, complete with dipping sauces.  I forgot the name of the fish but it was huge and fresh and delicious.  The crabs were filled with aligue!  

@ mirandablue
We didn't expect to have lunch on board our banca.  Our boatmen brought us to Dynamite Point in Bogor Island to snorkel, but it was already around 12 noon.  We dropped anchor near the pearl farm and we had was a new experience for me and my sister.

@ mirandablue
Good thing the water was so calm, eating on board a banca was a breeze.

@ mirandablue

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Kaella said...

OH my this made me miss everything I love in the Philippines! I love seafood and a side dish of our local mangoes and tomatoes.

Great food!

Kim, USA said...

What an experienced you have Luna. The food are fantastic love all of them ^_^

Red Delicious

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I don't know what aligue is, but if it as good as everything else looks I know I'd love it.

Yuè said...

wow, what a feast on board!

here's my entry

Sherrybasherry said...

Kainggit! I would like to experience the same thing. Nagutom ako sa hinanda sa inyo ;)

maiylah said...

freshly caught fish tastes awesome when grilled...yummm, almost sweet-like. serious case of drooling here! lol.

thanks so much for sharing your delicious lunch on board over at Food Friday, LM
enjoy your weekend!

Lynn said...

I love all that you were served, even the side dish with the ripe mangoes. Kagutom.

Mirage said...

inggit mode on! waaaaaaaah!

Jay-agent112778 said...

i miss grilling bcoz of the thyphons and rains.

heres my Food Friday Entry

Oggi said...

Sarap! This reminds me of Noli Me Tangere.:)